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Nirbhik Datta, a highly skilled mentalist, recently performed a card prediction experiment for popular influencer Meghna Yadav in a private setting.

In the experiment, Nirbhik asked Meghna to think of a card from a deck of playing cards without revealing it to him. He then predicted the exact card she was thinking of, including its suit and value, stunning her with his incredible abilities.

Meghna was amazed and couldn't believe how Nirbhik had been able to accurately predict her card without any clues or hints. She was thoroughly impressed by his talent and skill as a mentalist.

Nirbhik's performance for Meghna Yadav is just another example of his incredible abilities to amaze and entertain audiences with his mind-bending experiments and illusions. He is highly sought after for his performances and has left many audiences spellbound with his talents.

In conclusion, Nirbhik Datta's card prediction experiment for Meghna Yadav was a testament to his amazing abilities as a mentalist. His incredible prediction left Meghna awestruck and impressed, showcasing his talent for accurately predicting outcomes without any cues.

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