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Nirbhik Datta, a masterful mentalist, wowed the crowds with his incredible walkaround mentalism performances at the Horn Ok Please food festival, which was held at the Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium.

During the festival, Nirbhik amazed audiences by correctly guessing personal information, such as ATM pins, phone passcodes, and even the names of people's first crushes. His unbelievable talents left many in disbelief and had them questioning the limits of what is possible with the human mind.

Nirbhik's walkaround performances were a huge hit with the crowd, as he interacted with festival-goers in a relaxed and informal setting. He moved from group to group, performing his mentalism feats and leaving everyone spellbound with his incredible abilities.

With his extraordinary talents, Nirbhik has made a name for himself as one of the top mentalists in the country. His performances are highly sought after, and he has entertained audiences at some of the most prestigious events and venues in the country.

In conclusion, Nirbhik Datta's walkaround mentalism performances at the Horn Ok Please food fest were nothing short of incredible. His ability to accurately guess personal information left the crowd in awe and showcased his extraordinary talent as a mentalist.

  • Client
    Horn OK Please Fest
  • Duration
    15 minutes

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